Once again it is sooooo good, when you get nice feedback. I liked to share it.

I went along to the Didsbury Public House,Didsbury, Manchester,  the other day to do some face painting and balloon modelling for a Christening.  Me and the kids had such good fun.  I entertained them all while they had dinner and afterwards there was a big pirate sword fight on the carpet.  Shiver Mi Timbers!  Julia the host was lovely and sent me some great feedback.  Many thank Julia.

Hi Wendie

Just wanted to say thank you for entertaining the children at Thomas’s
Christening. They all really enjoyed having you there. My little boy
Daniel said it was a great party. Sorry I didn’t get much of a chance
to speak to you on the day.

Many thanks Julia


You can have so much fun doing the job that I do.  Its a fantastic way to make a living.

Hey! My name is Wendie. My love of face painting began here in the North West UK and over the past 14 years I have worked as a face painter at many events.

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