Star Trek The Next Generation

Make Up by Wendie, from Let Me Paint Your Face. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Star Trek The Next Generation

Let Me paint your face carried out the make up today for Star Trek Characters Jean-Luc Picard, Data and Warf from the star ship enterprise.  Yes we boldly went were no other Make Up Artist has gone before. (Ancoats, Manchester)  The characters mingled with the general public in Manchester City Centre.  Visiting places such as Piccadilly Train Station to have a coffee in the train station cafe with Manchester’s commuters.  Deangate Manchester was also visited by these awesome characters.  We had alot of fun with these guys watching peoples reactions as they carried out ordinary every day tasks on the cities street.  Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D).  This incarnation of the famous starship is much larger than the one captained by James T. Kirk a century earlier, and, accordingly, it carries a larger crew complement: 1,012 men, women…and, surprisingly, children.  This era’s Starfleet Command believes that men and women are more likely to sign up for long-term exploratory missions if they think of their ship as home.  Thus, Picard’s crew enjoys many of the comforts they’d have otherwise left behind, including a wide variety of recreational opportunities, “replicated” food dishes to suit every palate, and quarters large enough to share with spouses and offspring.  There are schools for the children and a bar (stocked with synthetic alcohol, or synthehol) where the adults can unwind.  However, the ongoing mission—no longer limited to a mere five years—remains virtually the same as it was during Kirk’s time: to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

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Giant Toy and Train Fair

Let Me Paint your face were extremely busy, last weekend,  painting faces for the Giant Toy and Train Fair at the Reebok Stadium, Horiwich, Nr Bolton. ( only 500 yards from the junction 6 of the M61.

There was lots to see and do at the event which  gave model train enthusiasts a a real retail treat, with large supply of diecast model trains and model railway items filling The Reebok’s Stadium suite to the brim.  The footfall was magnificent and the face painting team that consisted of Wendie Williams and Stacey Smith worked flat out all day long.  Recreating train design and country train scenes on children and adults faces alike. All summer long the let Me Paint Your Face Team have been working relentlessly bringing the facepainting joy to the children of Bury, Manchester, Oldham and Rochdale to name but a few places.

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I went along to the Didsbury Public House,Didsbury, Manchester,  the other day to do some face painting and balloon modelling for a Christening.  Me and the kids had such good fun.  I entertained them all while they had dinner and afterwards there was a big pirate sword fight on the carpet.  Shiver Mi Timbers!  Julia the host was lovely and sent me some great feedback.  Many thank Julia.

Hi Wendie

Just wanted to say thank you for entertaining the children at Thomas’s
Christening. They all really enjoyed having you there. My little boy
Daniel said it was a great party. Sorry I didn’t get much of a chance
to speak to you on the day.

Many thanks Julia


You can have so much fun doing the job that I do.  Its a fantastic way to make a living.

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It’s great when you get nice feedback

Wendi……just wanted to say a big thank you for sat night…..the kids loved it !  you did a great job…..i will be recommending you to all my friends…….sorryi didn’t get chance to speak to you properly… was so busy and the night went so fast…..we had a fab night ! X. Let Me Paint Your Face, where Face Painting in Oldham at Oldham Rugby Club, for a Silver Wedding Function

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Hey, Jesery Live, Get In!

He everyone, why don’t you come down and see me Face Painting and Body Painting at the 2012, Jersey Live Music Festival, on the 1 &2nd September 2012.  I have just been booked for the Jersey live festival at the Royal Jersey Show ground, Trinity, Jersey.  It’s the Channel Islands biggest party and takes place each years with massive headlining artists.  Jersey Live Music Festival is held in the  most unusual and picturesque backdrop you could ever hope to find music. With headliners such as: Dizzee Rascal, The Prodogy,  Kasabian,( my favourites) Paul Weller, Plan B, Tinie Tempah and Madness.  It don’t get more rock and roll than that.  So come on down to Jersey, I’m off to pack my case (early, I know,but hey, I’m excited). Not forgetting my Jersey face painting kit. As it’s Jesery, no doubt the sun will be shining as usual, it’s a beautiful island.

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The May Mock Fest at Castlesands, Castlefield, Manchester was rockin and rollin.  Let Me Pain Your Face  were swamped by over 4,000 people who attended the rock venue.  Kiss Faces were very popular on the day and were recreated with alot of skill and talent from the 5 strong facepainting team.  Castlefield was a great venue to have the gig and all the 4,000 fans rocked out to 9 bands playing over 11 hours of music.  Real Radio and the likes of Mike Sweeney were on hand to provide some fabulous tunnnnnes. I am sure that the day in Castlefield, Manchester will live on in many peoples memories for years to come.  Oh!  The weather was fabulous to for Manchester.  “Mockfest, You Rocked My World”.


Rock out with the Let Me Paint Your Face Team.

Wendie’s Kiss Face Rocks,

Rockfest Festival with Lightening Flash Face

Castlefield, Manchester, Rockfest.

Such an Awesome day.

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Do you believe in Manchester United.

Let me paint your face was at Manchester United, Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester this week.  We were part of an international football tournament that was held at Manchester United’s ground,  in the Stretford suit. Do you believe in Manchester United, we do.  Especially once the players faces had been  impressively decorated,   with their countries flag before they ran out onto the world famous pitch.

We had a great day sharing paintbrushes  with the likes of Gary Neville who’s  a genius with a brush aswell as a ball. The event proved  huge success and attracted to Old Trafford,  around 200 players from all over the world. Also on hand was the Manchester United legend Denis Irwin, who was very impressed with not only the football, but the level of skill and  talent shown  in the face painting corner.

Wendie’s half time face painting team talk  was so loud it resonated through the Stretford suit, up the Munich tunnel and out onto Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester. The Manchester  United team were so inspired by her words and her projection that she’s been asked if she wants  a job delivering the half time team talks. (J) See attached Picture. “The New face of Manchester United”.

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balloon modelling at the Rebok Stadium, Bolton. Fun day at the Rebok went with a bang. Balloon modelling is such great fun and the kids love it. Just to see the huge smiles on their faces when they get the balloon of their choice is so rewarding.

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School Workshops Carried out by Make Up Artist, Wendie Williams at a Secondary School in Failsworth, Manchester. Casualty effects make up was applied to students as part of the tutor demonstration and then the kids had a go on each other creating a variety of scary casualty looks which they enjoyed tremendously. They then took what they had learned and used the different make up techniques in there own production. Scary Stuff, casualty make up and uber realistic to.

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Had a fabulous time at Edgeley Park, Stockport, Manchester.  The Sale Sharks v Bath game was tremendous. Let Me Paint Your Face were balloon modelling for all the hundreds  of fans who attended the game, as part of the  pre match entertainment.   Needless to say the Mighty Sharks worked their magic on the night, beating Bath  by a mile.  See our balloon modelling efforts on Facebook and read about what we did on twitter. ” Well done you Sharks”. Sadly the last match at Edgeley Park, Stockport, ground will be on Saturday 5th May 2012.  “Farewell Edgeley Park indeed”.


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