Had such alot of fun today with Manchester City Football Club, painting the faces of all the players’ children over at their training ground in Carrington.  The children were lovely and it was great to see the players in action, at close quarters.  I was lucky enough to have my lunch with a few of them to.   I painted a mini mouse that was fabulous and just to make the day special I gave her a balloon wand to wish the players lots of luck and magic.

Manchester City’s training ground is situated away from the City of Manchester in Trafford, like that of neighbours Manchester United who also have a training ground nearby. The training ground is adjacent to a public footpath, allowing members of the public and photographers to watch training sessions freely in the past.[4] In recent years, a six-foot tarpaulin curtain surrounds the training ground, with photographers and members of the public resorting to step ladders and perching themselves on trees to watch training sessions. City have attempted to seek planning permission from Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council to increase the height of the barrier from six feet, the maximum height permitted without planning permission.With the six-foot tarpaulin surrounding the ground, it’s a wonder I found it first time.

Hey! My name is Wendie. My love of face painting began here in the North West UK and over the past 14 years I have worked as a face painter at many events.

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